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Version: 3.1.1


Initialize an empty Nuxt project#

# yarnyarn create nuxt-app <project-name>
# npxnpx create-nuxt-app <project-name>

Add Integry SDK#

# yarnyarn add @integry/sdk
# npmnpm i @integry/sdk -S

Add a Vue component#

# cd into project root dircd <project-dir>
# create a new componenttouch components/SDKContainer.vue

Add SDK code#

<template>  <div id="my-sdk-container" /></template>
<script lang="ts">  import { IntegryJS, Helpers } from '@integry/sdk';
  export default {    async mounted() {      // Fill these in from the SDK deployments page      const appKey = '<APP_KEY>';      const appSecret = '<APP_SECRET>';      const userId = '<USER_ID>';      const deploymentId = '<DEPLOY_ID>';
      // This is intended for use in testing only!      // Please refer to for more details      const hash = await Helpers.getAuthHash(userId, appSecret);
      const integryHandle = new IntegryJS({        appKey,        hash,        userId,        deploymentId,      });
      integryHandle.init({        containerId: 'my-sdk-container',        renderMode: IntegryJS.RenderModes.INLINE,      });    },  };</script>

Include the component in your page#

<template>  ...  <SDKContainer /></template>

Now, run your Nuxt app.


A full example is hosted here on Github.