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Version: 3.1.4



Bootstrapping the embed view

The SDK attempts to validate the configuration options passed. It then SDK fetches the DOM element with the ID specified in the init configuration and sets up an internal datastore. Depending on the renderMode specified, the SDK sets up the target container to render flow setup forms.

Loading a deployment

Based upon the deploymentId specified, the SDK fetches that particular deployment along with the list of associated guided flows and integrations that are available for that user.

Setting up an integration

Opening a flow setup form

  • When renderMode is set to MODAL, the form opens up in a modal container that the SDK dynamically appends to the body element in the DOM.
  • When renderMode is set to INLINE, the form is opened by switching out the flow and integrations listing view with the setup form.

Adding an authorization

Authorization connection in flow setup is done inside a popup browser window where the appropriate auth setup flow for that authorization type is loaded. Please make sure your browser settings allow for this window to appear.

Saving an integration

Once a user goes through the form and creates the integration, the SDK automatically changes back to the listing view and an event is emitted.

Managing saved integrations

Viewing a list of configured integrations

You can view a list of configured integrations by navigating to the 'My Flows' tab.

Editing an integration

Editing an existing integration can be performed by opening the 'My FLows' tab in listing view, hovering over a row, and selecting the 'Edit' option from the 'three-dot-menu' on the far right. Editing is performed using the same mechanism as creating an integration using the same renderMode.

Enabling/disabling an integration

The toggle shown on the far right of an integration can be used to toggle it on/off.

Deleting an integration

You can delete integrations by hovering over a row, and selecting the 'Delete' option from the 'three-dot-menu' on the far right.

Tearing down

Calling the IntegryJS.destroy() method will unsubscribe from all currently subcribed events.