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Version: 3.1.4

API Reference

Reference docs for each of the full list of methods and functions available in the SDK.

IntegryJS(config: SDKConfig)

SDK constructor method.

appKeystringApp Key taken from the deployment page
hashstringAuthentication hash generated server-side using app secret and user ID
userIdstringUser ID
deploymentIdstringDeployment ID taken from the deployment page
userConfigobjectUser-provided config options
userConfig.availableFlowsLabelstringGive a custom name to the flows tab
userConfig.myFlowsLabelstringGive a custom name to the configured flows tab
userConfig.customElementsobjectAdd your custom elements

IntegryJS.init(initConfig: IntegrySDKInitConfig)

Used to initiate rendering.

containerIdstringContainer ID in which to render
renderMode"INLINE" | "MODAL" | "DETACHED"Specify which mode is used to render flow setup forms
templateContainerIdstringTemplate container ID in which to render template form

IntegryJS.renderFlowSetupForm(setupConfig: FlowSetupConfig)

Used to manually load the flow setup view in a specified container.

flowContainerIdstringContainer ID in which to render
flowIdstringFlow ID for which to load the form. If not specified, will be taken from the URL `flowId` query parameter
integrationIdnumberIntegration ID to open in edit mode


Used to print the currently installed SDK version.


Used to cleanup and un-subscribe from subscribed events.